Thursday, April 21, 2011

MR MARK JOHN #: 241-263-8543

YOUR MTCN #: 241-263-8543 - email spam message. This message appears sent from - MR MARK JOHN []. Return or reply email as -


We discovered that some internet hackers (Fraudsters) are accessing our e-mail account and yours trying to steal from both of us, so we have concluded to effect your payments through western union Office and they have send you $5000 usd today and They will be sending $5,000. to you daily until your $850.000.00 is completely transferred to you accordingly. You can only pay to them $49 usd so as to enable the purchasing of your inheritance file to prevent illegal transfer of your funds or any form of hindrance in receiving your funds.

they shall obtain the Tax clearance certificates and finalize the process of your daily transfer and then authorize the appointed Western Union Office to effect your payments by tomorrow as soon as you send the fee to them.Please fill in the transfer form attached to you and forward to Agent incharge.

Mr.Mark John
Tel: (+229)66485244 Below is the information which you are to use to send the required fee through Western Union or Money Gram any of the office that is closer to you.The Payment instructions.

Receiver name:..........Mr.Nnakee linus Ch City:..............COTONOU Country:.........BENIN REPUBLIC Test Question:.......When Test Answer:.........Today Amount:.................... $49.00 usd

Then after you have send the fee to this information, you should send the payment informations to them together with the transfer form giving to you. Immediately they purchase your payment files, you will start receiving your payments daily as stated above. Here are details of your first payment of $5.000 USD made on your behalf but it has no receiver's name yet until you remit the $105 USD required to them before they can purchase the inheritance files with your name and put your name as the receiver.

Sender's First Name: Sunday
Sender's Last Name: Victor
Amount: $5,000 USD
MTCN#: 241-263-8543

Note that within 24hrs if you do not remit the required $49 USD the transfer will be retrieve back and remember that the money details given to you does not bear your name as the receiver yet until you make the payment of the $105 USD so please call (+229)66485244 if you are having any problem in picking the fund.

Very best regards,
Director Western Union
Benin Republic.

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