Thursday, April 14, 2011

Obama Unveils Framework to Cut Deficit

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Morning Bullets
April 14th, 2011


* WT: Newspeak: Obama – Tax Hikes = “Spending Reductions”

* WaPo: Obama Unveils Framework to Cut Deficit

* WaPo: Obama Finds His Partisan Voice in Budget Speech

* WS: Paul Ryan – Obama Plan “Hopelessly Inadequate”


* Bloomberg: Bank Tests Microchip Credit Cards

* Fortune: How to Address Excessive CEO Pay?


* WaPo: CBO – Budget Deal Cuts Only $353m Not $38b

* Reuters: Pentagon Warns Obama Against Further Defense Cuts

* ABC: AZ Passes Bill Requiring Birth Certificate for Prez Candidates

* LAT: Split Verdict in Barry Bonds Case

* NYT: Is Sugar Toxic?

* HUFFPO: 10 Most Violent States in the United States

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