Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Comm100 Candy Moore

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Hi there,

Do you know that 97% of sales opportunities are lost from a website?

Unbelievable, but true. According to a report from the Fireclick Index, the average website conversion rate is only 2% - 3%. Why? Because when doing business online, most sales people can hardly see the customers, let alone interacting with them to promote sales.

Things will be totally different if you have Comm100 Live Chat work for you. Comm100 Live Chat allows you to:

* View all-round visitor information. You can identify the visitors who have greater purchasing potential by seeing who are on your website, what they are viewing, where they come from, how they find you, etc..
* Proactively invite prospects to chat. After identifying the visitors who are likely to buy, you can initiate a chat by sending them a personalized chat invitation and turn them into your clients.
* Offer instant help to your visitors. Apart from proactively inviting visitors to a chat, you can also place a chat button on your web pages so that visitors can start a chat with you simply by one click and have their questions answered instantly.
* Follow up to seize more sales opportunities. When chats are ended, your chat transcripts can be automatically added to the ticket system, so that you can mark the status and purchasing potential of the sales leads and further follow up on them to close the sales.

Working on 5,379,000 web pages, Comm100 Live Chat has already helped 100,000 businesses boost their sales revenue.

Comm100 Live Chat is easy, 100% FREE and fast to setup.

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