Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mr. Abayomi Sunday Take note please

Take note please - email spam message. This message appears sent from - 6/10/11. Return or reply email as -

Take note please

I know you are very worried and surprised that all this while you were not able to receive your payment despite all the numerous promises made to you. The reason is very simple. Your friend who contacted you to help you receive your payment is a cheat and unfaithful to you.

The reason why you did not receive your payment all this while is not far-fetched, it is exposed here from the simplicity of my heart, but because of time, I'm going to be as explicit as possible. When I hear from you, I will expose more information to you and that will let you know that your friend (s) whom you has been dealing with concerning your payment has not being faithful to you.

The bank account information you sent to your friend was not used in authorizing your payment. Instead of using the bank account information you sent to him, he used another bank account which neither belong to you nor known to you for the Payment Authorization.

Below is the bank account used in authorizing your payment instead of yours.

Bank Name: Bank of America
Bank Address: 1901 University Avenue, Lubbock, Tx. 79410 Account No: 488 000 766 898 Routing No: 111000025 Account Name: Duane S. Meyer

Do you know this man? Your friend and the owner of this account are the reason you did not receive your payment till now. Both of them conspired against you with an officer in the Remittance Dept to perpetuate this ugly act against your payment. This made it easier for them to divert your payment to CBN to enable them has direct access to it.

Again, your original Payment Database information as scheduled by the Remittance Dept was changed without your notice. This is to say but a few until I hear from you.

At this point, you don't need any prophet to tell you to stop all communication with anyone except me. You must consider yourself lucky because I have come to your rescue. You must call me now on +234 7065414767 or send email to me through:

The earlier this is done, the better for you.


Mr. Abayomi Sunday
Director, Banking and Payments Systems Department CBN
Phone: +234 7065414767

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