Saturday, June 25, 2011

Investment Karin Diallo

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I got your contact from business directory and I decided to contact you directly. My Name is Mr. Karin Diallo the Manager of Guinea Global Mining company.

I am searching for a reliable and experience business expert in the globe that can guild me or joint venture in setting up a lucrative business investment mostly in Asia China India UAE or other part of the globe you deem best to invest substantial investment capital and make good profit.

I got to understand that this is the best time to invest within Asian mostly in the field of real estate such as hotel transportation or others, So I’m only soliciting for your assistance and guidance to help me invest my funds wisely, please note the funds can be released to you as a loan with interest if you do not want partnership.

If you are willing to assist me provide me with your confidential contact phone number for easy contact most time also to enable us fix a face to face meeting to discuss in details.

With Best Regards
Karin Diallo.

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