Tuesday, August 16, 2011

COCA-COLA UK National Lotto

Get back to me soon - email spam message. This message appears sent from - uk.lottery_lotto@rediffmail.com. Return or reply email as - dr-james-watts@live.com.

Attn : Beneficiary

You have been picked via your email address by the COCA-COLA UK National Lotto to receive a ?0,000.00 (hundred thousand pounds) in our credit Coca -Cola program on this day 29th July 2011.

This cash prize must be claimed not later than the 29th August 2011. After this date all unclaimed prizes will be declared void. All entries must abide by the terms and conditions.

To view the terms contact your claim assistant to file for your claim under the following numbers:

Your claim reference number is CX-HYTFT-11. Please quote this in all correspondence.

Dr.James Watts
Email; dr-james-watts@live.com
Tell No : +447031808789
The UK Coca-Cola Lottery.
United Kingdom

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