Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Howdy Directors and Leaders...
Just wanted to follow-up from our last meeting on a few things. Leslie, me, and the boys will be heading to Arkansas for a visit with her family starting tomorrow so you probably will not hear from me again until the start of AWANA. It looks like everything has come together thought and we are on our way to a great year!

Shirts... for those of you whom I purchased sirts for, they will come in with the AWANA order. This may be by late this week, but most likely early next week. Before I head out of town, I will give Chris a list of who gets what shirt. You can pick it up in the church office from her once they come in. Remember, it is the expectation that all leaders in the AWANA program wear their shirts.

3-Count Individual Discipline... I forgot to put this on the list of things to discuss at last weeks's meeting. For the discipline this year, I would like to utilize the 3-count for individuals. For the individual 3-count, you will stop a child from an undesired behavior and tell them "That's One, don't do that again. You are on a 3-count for the night." If the behavior repeats, or the child does something else disruptive, pull the child aside and say, "That's two. Do you know what happens if we get to three?... That's right. We will have a meeting with your parents." If you are a leader, the director of your group should be informed of this at this time. Hopefully this is where it ends. If, for some reason, the behavior or disruption continues, and you have to address the child a third time, bring the child to me. They will get the "opportunity" to spend the rest of the night with me. I spoke with Pastor Clint on this and he said he would handle the visit with the parents and they leader, director, or myself if available. This is not the fun part of the program, but i think a necessary one.

Hillbilly Games Check-in... for the Hillbilly Gamez, the check-in will be a little different that the rest of the year. Beacuse we have the parents there and we will not have the normal rotation, I would like everyone to check into the Fellowship Hall, with the exception of Puggles who will check-in in their normal room. After the first week, we will go to the Cubbies check-in in their classroom.

This is all I can think of for now. Thank you all for making being a first year Commander so easy.


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