Friday, October 14, 2011


ARE YOU READY TO PICK YOUR $5000 TODAY? - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Return or reply email as -

Attention Customer,

There is an issue involving $3.7MUSD which was called to Our Bank(CAPITAL CITY BANK) from THE FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE OF BENIN REPUBLIC concerning your compensation of $3.700,000.00 USD has been forwarded to Western Union Money Transfer and An instruction has come directly from Mr.Jona Akim of Ministry Of Finance.

He asked us to start sending your fund install mentally $5000 per a day through western union money transfer.This type of transfer means you will be receiving $5000 every day through western union until the total of $3.7MUSD is completely transferred to you David Okoro.

Today,our bank has effected your first payment of $5000 through western union.
Now you have to Contact Dr. Mike Ude on his contact below as he is the person in charge of your payment.

The Western union Agent is:
Name: Dr. Mike Ude.
Phone number: ..+229 98439186

Money sent Through Cornelis Zwaagstra, amount sent $5,000.00 to you today. So contact Dr. Mike Ude on above email address and tell him to give you needed information and also for him to help you pick the $5,000.00.

Recomfirm your address
(1)Your Full name: ................
(2)Your Phone number: ...................
(3)Your Contact address: ..................
(4)Your Age: ...................................

You will also have to send them the tax clearance charges of $137usd [as per the instruction from the International Monetary Fund(I.M.F office)]Pls contact Dr. Mike Ude ASAP and send them the fee for them to send you the pick up information for your first $5000 payment.

Mr David Okoro.
Yours in Service.
Cotonou,Benin Republic

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