Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coin European Security Equity Group

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Security Equity Group

Date: 20 September 2011

Dear Shareholder

Kindly be advised that this letter of notification is being sent to only certify shareholders of record of ROCHE Pharmaceuticals. Further to the last conversation with our buyer, our buyer has agreed to offer (44 Great British Pounds) per a share.Coin European Security Equity Group needs your approval as a registered owner before we can proceed and finalise this transaction, to enable us transfer your total fund.

Please be advised that your ROCHE Pharmaceuticals shares are being tendered in a private equity transaction administered by the European Private Equity Group with commonwealth stock transfer as designated registrar.

Below is the share detail for your reference:

NUMBERS OF SHARE: 21, 500.00
STOCK PRICE: 44 British Pounds
TOTAL STOCK: GBP Ј946000.00 British Pounds

To have your shares approved for this transaction.
Please send the below details for an update.

(1) Your Full Names:
(2) Your private telephone and fax number:
(3) Your current address:
(4) Copy of your identification:
(5) Current occupation :

For more information, please contact us immediately at

Coin European Security Equity Group
Unit 194, Cambridge Science Park
Milton Road Cambridge, CB4 0AB

United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 7031748814

Sincerely, Capone Bathgate
(Share Broker/Approved Agent)
Coin European Security Equity Group

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