Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cut Free Lunch Program

Cuts are needed in the Federal Free Reduced Lunch Program.

Income levels need lowered so that only the most needy receive benefits. At current income levels way to many people qaulify that can pay for their own child(s)lunch.
Simply put, if you can afford a cell phone, internet, beer, tobacco, and pets then you can afford to pay for your own child's lunch. Average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $5.00 a pack. At a pack a day that's plenty to pay for YOUR child's lunch at approximately half the cost of that pack of smokes. It's time people take responsibility and provide for themselves. How much do these people spend on cat and dog food per day? Cell phone? These are luxuries not necessities and if that means giving up the cell phone then that's what you do.

By leeching off the rest of society it only destroys the social wellbeing and fiscal health of the entire country. Promote self support not free help off the broken backs of everyone else.

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