Friday, October 07, 2011

Valley Assembly Church Rev Gilbert

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Dear Beloved In Christ,

May God richly bless you as you read this without prejudice. It is a pity that some bad eggs has misused the internet and they will burn in the lake of fire Amen. I am Rev Gilbert my ministry is called Valley Assembly Church in Tripoli Libya but since the Gaddafi Terrorism War started beloved I and my wife quickly relocated to her Country Nigeria were we have our new ministry now. Beloved In Libya before we came to Nigeria I was privileged to be a close friend and confidant to a late brother in Christ Archbishop Paul who worked tirelessly both in his private life and in the service of God in his lifetime before his divine call in Libya War. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen! In all my association with this late brother and friend, this revelation and the object of this mail was never made known to me because the late Archbishop Williams frank lived a very disciplined life in Libya where he based. He was wealthy before he went into ministry and adequately provided for his family and also cared for people who were opportune to come in close contact with him.

However, shortly before his call to eternal Glory, Valley Assembly Church in Tripoli Libya he summoned me to his sick bed after he was struck by the Government forces he instructed me to carry out his last wishes as a trusted friend and confidant. I promised without knowing what he was about to say and also at the time, I believed he was not going to die. Well, he told me he Deposited the sum of $1.4 Million United States Dollars in the Bank which he intended to be used for charity, ministry, evangelical work or otherwise when he was gone, but did not want his immediate family to know Tripoli Libya about for fear of subversion of his promise and pledge to God. Therefore you must keep this donation very confidential He then prayed for me and blessed me trusting that I would not subvert his pledge to God. Before he died, he gave me information concerning the fund and what I was to do and I and my wife was fortunate to have transferred this fund to Nigeria before the War Became deadly. Furthermore, With all due respect to him, I waited for the completion of the burial rites and mourning and other sundry matters concerning him before proceeding to reach you. I have prayed concerning this issue for God's guidance before God told me to search for missionaries and good christian who can utilize this fund to the Glory of God and during my search I found you and decided to contact you and if in your heart Rev Gilbert you genuinely desire to use this fund for the propagation of God's work in any form whether for charity, ministry, evangelical work or otherwise in relation to God's work, do get in touch with me and let us pray together over this before we can make further arrangements. God bless you Valley Assembly Church in Tripoli Libya once again and as you receive, give God all the Glory.

Finally, remember to forward to me your telephone and fax numbers to communicate with you and to send to you all the documents required for this to successively materialize.

You are blessed in Christ Jesus.
Yours in the Lord,
Rev Gilbert
Valley Assembly Church in Tripoli Libya
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