Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hello dear Viviane Yolande

Hello dear Viviane Yolande - email spam message. This message appears sent from -

Hello dear,

Complement of the day to you, please pardon me if i interfere into your privacy, my name is Miss Viviane Yolande, Age 24, height 5 ft 11 inches, weight 61, i am the only daughter of Late Mr. Ramatou Yolande from ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast in west Africa, my father was a business tycoon and a politician. I observed you are an important personality before i made up my mind to contact you. Please i will like to know more about you because i have with me some funds which i will like to invest in a good business over there in your country. I wish you could be honest to me so that i can go into this investment with you by my self and i will also need your good advices.

First of all, I will like to know what you do for a living; remember you caught my attention that was why i contacted you in the first place. We will know ourselves more as we communicate along.

Thanks for your understanding, hoping to hear from you soon.

From my heart,
Miss Viviane Yolande

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