Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Greetings From Gerald And Linda

Greetings From Gerald And Linda - email spam message. This message appears sent from - gerald.muana@yahoo.com.ph. Return or reply email as - geraldmuana@ymail.com.

Residence ST'Camile,
Avenu 12 Reu 47 Abidjan
Republic of Cote d'Ivoire

Dear ,
Our sincere Greetings to you, I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise but please it was borne out of a desperate need for assistance so please permit me to inform you of my heart desire for a business relationship with you.I am Gerald Muana the only son of late Mr.Johnson Kallon Muana from Sierra Leone. I got your contact from the Information Center in Abidjan,Cote d'Ivoire here. My source of your contact gave me the courage and confidence to rely on you. I am writing you in absolute confidence primarily to seek your assistance to transfer the amount of Eight Million five hundred thousand United States dollars(US$8.500,000.00) now in the custody of a BANK here in Abidjan to your private account in your country and for you to help me and my sister to get our papers to come over to your country for upward investment of the money in good business venture which you will serve as an overseer and for the continuation of our education.

Iam 19 years old and my sister Linda is 16. Our late father Mr.Johnson Kallon Muana was before his death a diamond and precious stone merchant in our country Sierra Leone. He was killed during the civil war in my country by the forces loyal to the Government on the allegations that he was sponsoring the rebels. this caused us to run to cote d'ivoire with our late mother. But on getting to cote d'ivoire our mother developed a heart ailment which claimed her life. but before she died she gave me the documents of the money which our late father deposited in a bank here in cote d'ivoire. which is ($m8.500,000.00) She told us that our late father reached an agreement with the bank that the money is for onward transfer to a foreign account and entered my name his only son as the next of kin. She pleaded that I should look for a good and trust worthy person abroad who will help me to transfer this money out of here and help me and my sister to come over to his or her country to continue our education and investment of the money.

I have visited the bank and met the director who assured me that the money is intact and that once I submits the details of the foreign partner in whose account the money will be transfered to, that the bank will commence the transfer proceedings immediately. that is the reason I contacted you so that I could present you to the bank as my late father's foreign business partner so that the money could be transfered to your account.

So please Iam seeking for your assistance to transfer this money out of here so that I and my sister could have a new life because we are suffering a lot here.FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE I BEG TO CONCEDE 20% OF THIS MONEY TO YOU.

You can reach us on this phone number: +225-08-29-17-32 for more explanations.

God bless you as I await your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Gerald and Linda Muana

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