Friday, December 09, 2011

Hello Mr. James Finucane

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Dear Sir,


I am Mr.James Finucane. I am sitting as a financial adviser to Mrs.Sabina khalek Khadr an Egyptian, who is willing to Invest with huge amount of $80.4M USD in Real-Estates, Agriculture, Oil sectors or in any other good fruitful business in your country. She has advised me that once I am able to get an investor who has a good proposal that I should further with the person and strike up a lucrative deal.The issue is that my client lost her husband some time ago and due to the Arab religion and protocols, She was accused of a masterminding the plans that lead to the execution of her Late husband Mr. Aly Abdel Khalek Khadr an Ex Egyptian Politician.

Now this is part of the husband Investment capital, which she is trying to Transfer to some offshore partner who can invest in a lucrative business, while she battles for her release.She is willing to give out 20% of these total Funds to whoever that is willing to assist her and then invest the other part with the person and share 50% equity from the proceeds of the business to the Individual as well.

Do get back to me via email: with your full business plans and on acceptance of this Offer I shall fully details you the way


Do furnish me with your data such as:-


Yours Sincerely,

Mr.James Finucane
Director,Private Banking
Saudi British Bank PLC London

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