Friday, December 02, 2011

HELP THE WIDOW Rosemary Erina

HELP THE WIDOW Rosemary Erina - email spam message. This message appears sent from -

Good day, it is the voice of a poor widow woman saying Good day to you from Ghana.
My husband and myself were living happily together before untimely death took him away from us, My husband was shot to death when he was returning home from work, living behind 6 children with me.
I shared tears everyday over the day of my husband, To feed my 6 children is telling hard on me, i don't have a Job, my husband was the only one that was feeding us when he was alive.After the death of my Husband, Most of the time we go to Bed without Food.We are on our knees Begging you to Help us,

To survive one meal in a day is really difficult for us. sometime my children have to go out and beg for food before they can eat for the day. I don't sleep at night, My Heart is Broken because of the suffering my children is going through, We are really Hunted by Hunger, please Help us with money to feed, please understand our plight.

please myself and my 6 children are crying to you for financial assistance for us to feed.please have compassion on us,because we are dying in hunger and hardship.Whatever you give to us to Feed will be Highly appreciated.

I wait For your Kind Reply,
Best Regard.
Rosemary Erina.

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