Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Humanity Foundation Rev.Peter Robert

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From Rev.Peter Robert
International Humanity Foundation,
London Orphanage Home-PO Box 14720
178 Strand London WC2R 1AP.
Phone: +44 70 4575 7427

Calvary greetings to you in Jesus name amen. I know this letter might come as a surprise to you but I was inspired to do so as a result of the starving Orphans and

motherless babies under our care,world wide.

Initially International Humanity Foundation started this work with few children in United states of America and we letter expanded to South East and west Africa for

the help of the less privilaged,orphans and motherless babies in our society. we are able to take care of them through the help of financial support by

Individuals,Government, Corporate bodies and Organizations.

International Humanity Foundation has continued with this God work and services to humanity uptill date. but at the moment we are facing a serious financial situation,

due to our humanitarian work presently at Libya. People do not listen to our cry for financial help, we wouldn't have continued without charity, help and generosity of

good people of God.

My Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, if you receive this letter and God touches your heart, kindly assist the starving orphans and motherless. No amount is too small,

we will continue to remember you in our prayers and God will not forget your contributions to the starving orphans and motherless.

Thanks and be blessed as you render services to God and humanity.

Yours in the service of God and humanity,

Rev.Peter Robert,
Head International Humanity
Foundation London Branch.

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