Friday, December 23, 2011

Sandusky Not Guilty

Jerry Sandusky former Penn State assistant football coach not guilty of sex abuse against boys. Yea right. The allegations are most likely true. Of course one accused of such serious crimes is going to deny, deny, deny and reason away. Everything is being blown out of proportion according to them and their followers. Just because one holds or held a respected position such as coach or teacher doesn't mean they did not have the capacity to commit such acts. Most of the time these people believe that through their positions and or social status that such acts by them would be deemed as never possible. Who'd of ever thought a preacher's wife of over 20 years would ever be unfaithful and commit adultery with another married man from the same church. Nope not her, she's the preacher's wife, she'd never do that. But it happened.

Of course the only ones who know the whole truth are Jerry Sandusky and at this point the accusers. Who would want to admit to such activities??? So, Sandusky not guilty, unlikely.

And as far as Joe Paterno goes, whether he committed the acts or not, as Sandusky's superior at the time of some of these alleged abuses, he's just as guilty, as well as responsible for the actions of his coaching staff. Even if he did report something, it was most likely just enough, after all JoePA had some records to set yet in his career.

In the end it's all about Yourself. And as far as we're concerned for all those involved take it like a man. Stand up tell the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. If you did something be a man and say so. Only cowards hide behind the truth. Not Guilty, far from it. In our opinion, Sandusky is GUILTY plain and simple. Yes Jerry Sandusky founder of Second Mile GUILTY.

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