Thursday, December 22, 2011

SGT.Gram Bruce in Iraq

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Hello Sir,

I am Sgt.Gram Bruce , from the hospitality state (Mississippi), of the US Marine Force on Monitoring and Peace –keeping mission in Baghdad-Iraq.

On the 21st day of December 2008, we were alerted on the sudden presence of some Terrorists camping in a suburb not too far from Karbala here in Iraq. After Immediate intervention, we captured three
(3) of the Terrorists, twenty-six (26) were killed leaving seven (7) injured.

In the process of torturing, they confessed being rebels for late Aymanal-Zawahiri and took us to a cave in Karbala which serves as their camp. Here we recovered several guns, bombs and other ammunitions including some boxes among which two contains

nuclear weapons, one filled with hard drugs(cocaine) and the other four to my amazement contain some US Dollars amounting to $8.2M after I and two of my junior intelligent officers counted them.

I how ever instructed them to keep this in high secrecy.
I am in need of a “Reliable and Trustworthy” person like you who would receive, secure and protect these box containing the US Dollars for me until my assignment elapses here in Iraq.

I assure and promise to give you 15% of this fund, however feel free to negotiate what you wish to have as your percentage in this business.

Please assure me of your keeping this top most secret to protect my job with the US Monitoring and Peace-Keeping mission.
Please for the confidentiality of this deal, my private mail box.

Kind Regards,
SGT.Gram Bruce in Iraq

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