Saturday, January 28, 2012

Joe Paterno Memorial Comments Slap in the Face

The words come from Jay Paterno, son of Joe Paterno, who says this at Memorial Service at Bryce Jordan Center, State College, Pa, January 26, 2012.

“Perhaps his truest moment, his living testimony to all that he stood for, came in the last months of his life. Faced with obstacles and challenges that would have left a lesser man bitter, he showed his truest spirit and his truest self”

Now if you ask me that’s just plain out insulting, offensive, beyond despicable comment I’ve ever heard. Comments like that are just a slap in the face to all men, actually more like a punch in the teeth.

There are many men out who have endured much more than Jay’s father Joe. Not everyone in this world needs to be glorified for their actions and or contributions to society. Just remember Joe was just a football coach, and the world can survive without a football coach. There are many people men and woman alike who that although may not seem as important are needed in this world and contribute much more to society than a football coach.

I just wonder how that 19 year old Marine in Afghanistan feels putting his life on the line, at any minute the threat of a bullet to the back of head ending his life, to keep Jay and the rest of us safe and secure hearing a comment like ‘any lesser of a man would have’ .

Any lesser of a man – you might as well of just spit in my face. I really can’t even describe fully just how insulting that is.

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