Friday, January 20, 2012

Union Breku from Libya CALL TO HELP

Union Breku from Libya CALL TO HELP - email spam message. This message appears sent from -

Dear Sir,

My name is Union Breku (Jnr) from Libya . Currently I am in transit in my effort to relocate out of Africa for a new life.

I made arrangement to relocate through the assistance of the United Nations but when I arrived ias refused entry and was returned back to Africa but I could not return with my luggage.

I had contacted a UN volunteer worker there in Belgium and described my consignment to him. He was able to recover it and handed it over to an Embassy worker who safe kept the box.

At the moment I am in contact with the person, but feel uncomfortable to let him know the content of the box. I only told him that the luggage contains precious items and based on that he had to deposit it with a bank in Belgium .

The truth is the luggage contains 4 million Euros properly concealed in the box by my late father Millionaire Union Breku (Snr) who died at the desert when we were escaping from Libya because of the war. At the moment I am handicapped on how to go to Belgium to claim the luggage. Also I do not wish to let the man know about this, to avoid the risk of the man stealing the luggage.

I am therefore contacting you, to use your good position of Non refugee status, to contact the man and act as my representative to claim the luggage. Should you get in touch with him and claim the luggage, I will be ready to share the 4 million Euros in the box with you on 50 / 50 basis.

I am completely handicapped where I am now and therefore would like to hear from you immediately. As soon as I hear from you, I will let you know the country where I am at the refugee camp

Yours truly

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