Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anas Ezz Ezz Steel Groupe

Anas Ezz - Ezz Steel Groupe - email spam message. This message appears sent from - mrsanasezz@centrum.cz. Return or reply email as - mrsanasezz@live.fr.

Good Day To You, My Name Is Mrs Anas Ezz, I am The Wife Of Former Egyptian   Information Minister And State Broadcasting Chief Of  The Depuse  President Hosni Mubarak, I am Seeking Your Help To Assist Me In Securing A Deposite Which My Husband Who is Also The Owner Of Ezz Steel and Ezz Groupe have With A Bank In Abidjan Cote d Ivoire In West Africa Which Is In Amount Of, ( Thirty Five  Million Dollars).
Since The Fall Of This Gorverment, i have been Under House Arrest with My Kids  And All My Husbands Business And Family  Accounts Has Been Confistigated By This New Gorverment As We Are  not Allowed To Move Out Or Travell Out From My Country Untill Everything is Calm, But This Above Fund Which My Husband Told Me Before He Went Into Prison No One Knows About it and it is the future of Our family.
I Need Your Help and Trust To help Me To Move This Fund To Your Country In Your Name Pending The Arival Of Me With My Two  Kids To Your Country Which You Have To Assist Me To restart life In Your Country With This Fund as i do not know The faith Of My Husband As He Has Been Giving Almost 20 Years In Jail.
I am ready To Give You 25% Out From This Fund If You can Assist me, As My Husband Asked Me To Relocate This Fund, All I need From You is Trust and Acceiptancy that you can help me and take good care of The Investment Which You Will Assist Me To Do and i will also Fulfill my promise to you, No body knows About this fund only My Husband private lawyer in Abidjan Cote d Ivoire the country where this deposite is located.
So If You can help me, kindly send me
Right now i am not allowed to make any calls, but i have been able to inform My Husband lawyer about this New Development and once i receive your reply to this mail, i will give you the contact of My Husband lawyer who will work with you to get this fund transferd to an Account you will provide to him in your name with out my name or my family name involve.
I shall be expecting to hear from you At My Private Email/ mrsanasezz@live.fr
Thank you and may GOD bless.
Yours Truly
Mrs Anas Ezz. 

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