Friday, February 10, 2012

Senghor Ali Bank in Africa

Senghor Ali Bank in Africa - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Return or reply email as -


Well, it is a pleasure to contact you on this regard and,I pray that this will turn out to be everlasting relationship for both of us.
I need a Foreign partner for this Transaction.I got your contact from international chamber of commerce,while searching for someone who will do business with me.

Senghor Ali I am the bill and exchange manager with a Bank in Africa where he made huge deposits of funds during his days.
This transaction involves the funds deposited by Col.Muammar Gaddafi for investment in overseas.
Since He is now dead,I need a partner to help me move the funds into a foreign account for onward investmnts.

I have all the documents needed for eassy transfer of the funds into any norminated Bank account in overseas.

REPLY immediately you recieved this mail for morel explaination.

(3)TELEPHONE, --------------
Reply me at
Best Wishes
Mr Senghor Ali

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