Thursday, March 01, 2012

Ahmed Kahn Yerima Muammar Gaddafi

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With Honest And Trust,

Please note that it was because of the urgency of this matter that warranted me to defile all protocols to contact you via this medium even when we never had a previous dealing before in the past. I choose this electronic medium as the safest and secured way to have a direct contact to you without hitch due to the emergency of this purpose.

Brief Introduction of myself.
My name is Ahmed Khan Yerima , a close aide to Khamis and Safia Gaddaffi the son and wife of the Col. Muammar Gaddafi who are currently in Algeria while Khamis got killed by the rebel in Tripoli in a battle, I handled several crude oil sale from the Libyan oil under NOCL (National Oil Cooperation Libya) which the fund was used to finance the war by the Gaddafis.
In July 15th 2011, 2million barrel of crude oil where sold to Danish firm at cost of $120,000000(One hundred and twenty Million) at $60/PB under CIF delivery Term before the fall of Muammar Gaddafi. The buyer has already Swifted the payment through MT103 to an offshore Bonded account after the products has been discharged which a discharged certificate was issued prior to the swift to the first correspondent bank before final remittance to the seller mandate bank account.
NATO and Libyan rebel are seizing and freezing every known assets of the Gaddafis. E.G The sum of 950,000,000.00GBP was seized by UK.
I have the sale, purchase agreement (SPA) of this particular transaction the buyer signed of course am the seller's mandate which I can send you a copy to view if you want.

The war get intensified and I managed to find my way to a neighboring African country for my safety.

The bank has given up to 90 days for an account to be provided where they will transfer the fund in the bonded account or they release it to their government account as unclaimed fund with a tag "beneficiary Unknown". That is why I am making this contact to work in close confidentiality with you to collect this fund which is un-known to nobody except me and now you. The money came from Denmark as an oil proceed which all documentary proves is intact so there is no problem about that. I can send you the copy of the buyer/seller agreement (SPA) used in the oil deal for your view if you want. Even the Q&Q, marine ATB. certificate of origin and quality both Tanker ullage report and cargo manifest etc all relevant document used in the transaction is with me for prove. The shipment's done by an Italian shipping agent Mt Athina.

The only thing I need from you is to cooperate with me in any way necessary to secure the fund safe from the bank of course you are not doing it for free. Once everything is in place we will share the fund together it is enough to step up our financial statue.

I will require your details which includes name and address, age and occupation and a contact phone, then I send you the copy of the SPA (seller purchase agreement) to fix your account detail and send it direct to the bank with instruction to wire the fund there. Of course am sure you know that this transaction requires utmost secrecy forever.

I will wait to hear from you and then we proceed.


Ahmed Kahn Yerima

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