Monday, March 19, 2012

Dennis Anderson

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Thank you for your reply to my mail. Before I go on, I must state that this money entails a lot to me, as such, I do not want you to disappoint me in any way. All I need from you is just to remain trustworthy and do not disappoint me when this money is transferred to your account.

I decided to get involved in this matter for the simple reason that I work in the financial institution where this money is held and since the death of the customer about five years ago, nobody has come forward to lay claim to the money. Also, I have moved this fund to “Latent Escrow” away from anybody`s eyes to enable us have a hitch free transfer of this fund as the amount involved ($17.5m) is on the high side.

Also, assuming I do not take this step, this fund will at the end of the day end in the accounts of the directors of the bank as this is their practice, I see this as my opportunity and there is a director of the bank that I am working with, but he wants to remain anonymous.

Along the line, there will be the need for us to sign an agreement stating fully the percentages due to each other of which i am offering you 25%, while 10% will be set aside for both local and international expenses. The agreement is very important in view of the amount involved and the need for us to conclude this transaction in a respectable and dignified manner.

Another point is for is you to always keep this transaction STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL as I do not want undue publicity about it.

Once we have agreed as regards the percentages which I am offering you 25%, while 10% will be for local and international expenses, i shall prepare an agreement which we have to sign before commencing the transfer. More so, i want us to conclude the transaction in a respectable and dignified manner. As we go on, i shall send you documents i already obtained to back legality of this fund so that we do not have any problem when the money is transferred to your account.

The assurance i will always give you is that this transaction is 100% risk free and on you own side, i will like you to always assure me that my own part of the money is safe when it arrives your account.

Finally, as a show of my good faith, please find attached a copy of passport and my family picture. I hope you will reciprocate.

Once i hear from you, i shall send you the agreement, please do get back to me via my private email adds:

I wait for your reply.

Best Regards,

Mr Dennis Anderson

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