Monday, March 05, 2012

Don’t forget a grocery bag at Walmart

Have you ever went on a shopping trip only to discover that once returning home you’re missing a bag or two. You scramble to locate your receipt go check the car again and discover yes these items are missing, an entire bag full. You call the store and explain you’ve just been there 30 minutes earlier and believe you may have left a bag. To your delight the store worker says YES there’s a bag here containing those items.

That’s when the nightmare begins, you just don’t know it yet. You are now on your way back to the WALMART thinking you’ll simply go in show your receipt collect your bag of goods and return happily home. That is far from the case. You are directed to the customer service desk where there are 3 employees. After standing in line for a few minutes and explaining what I was there for I was told she’ll have to help you with that. This lady then roams around behind the customer service desk as if she’s busy. What is this a Union shop? Are you not an employee here? Being persistent and staying my place in this line this lady then returns, Mona was her name, I tell her I was in this line, you waited on me, and I’d like to have my stuff. After some more grumbling from this employee I am directed to a big plastic bin where all my stuff had been dumped along with everyone else who left bags of items at the store. Some items were returned back to the store shelf.

Simply getting everything back took nearly 30 minutes alone. If that alone wasn’t a hassle being treated almost as a thief trying to recover my own items. Not to mention this rude lady expected me to sign up to 4 times – once should be sufficient. Now who else would know the exact items I either left or the cashier neglected to retrieve from that bagging turnstile?

I wonder what is the time limit for leaving customers items in a bag that was left at the store. Would all of these items been resold if I had not returned? What right does Walmart or any employee feel they have to just dump the stuff in a bin and potentially damage my items? I paid for them 30 minutes ago and they are my property now.

Was it my fault for not ensuring I received all my bags of groceries or was it the cashiers fault for not rotating the bagging turnstile and ensuring I got everything I paid for? Whatever the reason it really doesn’t matter at this point. Lesson learned - don’t ever leave Walmart without making sure you have everything – returning to retrieve it is a nightmare. Penn State JOPA


At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penn State JOPA?? Fucking child molester enabler.


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