Thursday, March 15, 2012

GOLD AUCTION Archimbald Carolman

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Dear Sir,
I am Mr.Archimbald Carolman from Ghana, I deal in Gold, Diamond e.t.c but I have an office in Ghana but based here in Abidjan, Cote d?Ivoire.
I want to propose business to you; I have some quantity of Gold which I have in stock and want to sale it out at a cheaper rate. I have some documents covering the goods. The types of Gold I have are AU gold dust (500kg) and also bar of 24cts of 987.9%purity (650kg). that I have in stock. I got these documents from the Ministry of Mine here in Cote d?Ivoire. This shows that I am working under license, that this government recognizes me as a dealer on Gold.

I believe as a Gold dealer you are, that with the documents that Analyzed this goods which the Ministry issued the quality and the type of Gold that I am telling you. But if you are not dealing with Gold but are interested in doing this transaction with me, you are still free to write back and show your interest so that we will discuss the modality.

I will tell you more about myself and on this transaction in my next mail after I might have received your response showing interest on this transaction. Then I will tell you the value of the goods.

Note that the goods are valued for a very huge amount of money, but I will give it out to you at the cheaper rate, lesser than what it is now at international market.

Thanks and best regards
Yours faithful
Mr. Archimbald Carolman

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