Sunday, March 11, 2012


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ATTN; Sir / Madam

My Company {AB & KOTY Import - Export} is Precious metal {gold dust & gold bar} exporters in Bamako - Mali, and we have Gold mining cites in different local villages, communities, we also sponsor private miners and we also represent joint local sellers in Mali.

Our product specification.
Form: gold dust
Quality: 22 carat
Finess: 93.5% purity or better
Price: per kg (Negotiable)
Quantity: 130 kg at Stock and our local miners power is rate at 500 grams to 3 kg per day depends on the workers man power.

1. We sell on FOB Protocol.
2. We can ship gold to interested buyer through air cargo to buyer address or country.
I wait for your letter of interested, then, I will send you mine selling offer.


Mr. Yousouf Nimaga {Manager}

Mr. Kann Doumbia {CEO}

Phone: +223 63785707

Direct company contact Email.

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