Thursday, March 08, 2012

Perez Bruno Ghana Gold Dust

Perez Bruno Ghana Gold Dust - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Return or reply email as -

Dear Sir/Madam,

I kindly will apologize to you if you find this letter not to be a reasonable letter from me, but it means alot to victims in this matter and i will like for you to help in anyway you can to help a poor boy wit his Mum here in Ghana seeking asylum and this poor has a Brain tumor living on the Liberian refugee campus here in West Africa Ghana with his Mum in a critical condition and the boy needs an operation which could be conducted by only a foreign doctor.
I had your information's from a search i did and i have send this letters to about five other email address needing their help for this families so that God will bless them in a way they never expect and by helping this poor families could also be a life fortune for you as part of your blessings from helping this poor families, since these victims late father was the formal Liberian High Commissioner to Ghana before he was wounded and dead by gun shots during the civil war in Liberia and he has an unclaimed deposits with a reputable security company here in Ghana which is (2trunkboxes of 250kg of Alluvial Gold Dust) worth an amount of $20,000,000.00 (20 millionsUSD) which one Italian business man named Mr. Perez Bruno was the one that decided he was going to assist these families get a foreign assistance for their late fathers claims and also make way internationally for her son to see a foreign doctor for the Brain tumor operation, and on Thursday 9Th of April you can read the news yourself once Mr Perez Bruno was announced dead in an earthquake that happened in Italy last Thursday so right now i need someone to help this families in the name of God only to represent their late father as foreign partner to be enable receive the said (250kg of alluvial Gold in 2 trunk boxes) of worth $20,000,000.00 (20millionsUSD) in the Security Company vault.
I am a Reverend Father and I work as a UN missionary for this refugee camp and i find this situation so pathetic and so i kindly will need your help for this families first by representing them as as their late father foreign beneficiary for their late fathers unclaimed deposits with the Bank and after helping them get their properties then you find them a good doctor in your country for her son's operation then you help them with rest of the funds in your country and i know you will be tremendously rewarded by God for helping this poor families who at this presence have no means of help except u want to help them and i will be of help in every documents which will be needed in this transaction ..

I will tell you much about the unclaimed deposits with the Bank later when i have received a word from you. And i also want this to remain between us since my officials know nothing about it and so you can write to my private email address at:,
God bless you.

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