Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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Good day,

I take liberty anchored on strong desire to solicit for your assistance on this HIV/AIDS Cure. To be precise I am a herb farmer and also a good native doctor I cure people with natural herbs plant roots, barks, leaves, stems. I cure different diseases like malaria fever, rheumatism, infertility, impotency, diabetes, stroke etc.

I discovered the cure for HIV/AIDS viruses cure which is able to cure HIV/Aids patient in 5day.It is a combination of a particular plant root and leafs. The root and leafs are dried and grinned to powder and taken three times daily with lime juice. I have cured people with this miraculous herb and it very ok with no side effects. I kept the medicine to myself. I want to make money from this because I am very poor.

I contacted you because I need your support, you can advise me because I know many people are dying. I know people with this deadly Virus are ready to pay money for this cure, If I realize money we are going to share it together. I will send you some cures so you can try it with people with the virus if it’s ok then we starts business and see how we get the cure to the people suffering from this deadly virus.

Please reply directly on my private email

Yours faithfully

Dr. Jimoh Aziz
private email

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