Monday, May 07, 2012

Jerry Kameko

Jerry Kameko - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Return or reply email as - JerryKameko589@LIVE.COM.

Dear sir,

I am Mr.Jerry Kameko I am the director in Ghana commercial bank here in Ghana we are the paying office in Africa we pay any inheritance that is been found in African we are the once that pay bank from are office here today and we got a note that you have been sending money to African but nothing at the retune and they keep asking you more money you inheritance has been in this bank for so long an no one has come for it a man called Mr. mike came to my office this morning and he told me that you send him to help you receive your inheritance here so I will like to find out if you are the one that told him to come and inheritance your inheritance here on your behave in Ghana here I told him to come back tomorrow so we can find out from you with
so that the funds will be proceed and be transferred in his account as soon as possible if you
are the one that sent him pleas notify us so we can go into verification and make sure that your money is been transferred with out any more Delay Secondly : I will like to notify you that he will be coming back to this office tomorrow and I will like you to get back to me so I will know if you are the one that send him to me or he is just coming on his own behave

Below is the following information need from you …

1) Your full name
2) Occupation
3) Cell phone number

This information is need for investigation as soon as you can Thanks Director Jerry Kameko EMAIL,JerryKameko589@LIVE.COM

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