Wednesday, May 09, 2012

King Jay from Pakistan

King Jay from Pakistan - email spam message. This message appears sent from -

DEAR , Compliment of the season. I contacted you because I know you can help me. My name is king jay. My mother is from Pakistan and my late father is from Ivory coast in west Africa and I contacted you because I want this transaction to be very confidential and we invest in a good way. in your country.and i also want every secret because of the money involved is ($15, Million US Dollar AND 110kilos of gold dust 99.98%purity ) the gold and money is in 2 big boxes here in Ghana air port ready to delivered out of Ghana. I have all the documents but I just have only one problem for you to help me so that the boxes can be delivered to you without any problem. so that you can help me to sale the gold dust and also help me to invest the fund. since this is the only thing i inherited from my late father as his only son. If you can help me, I will other the boxes to be deliver at your door step.true the UN diplomat called MR IBRAHIM.Please don't tell any body about this business because the boxes is in the airport right now here in Ghana.
ready to move out, just to solve this little problem for me and the boxes will be deliver to you in your country,this is a secret between me and you alone. I got your contact from one Mr. Ahmed Khalid he works with the United Arab Emirate Airline but I did not tell him any thing about this business, please let's work together in 48 hours you will get the boxes. kindly REPLY me immediately as soon as you get this email . All the documents will attached to you as soon as i hear from you, I wait to hear from you. God Bless you

King Jay

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