Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mrs tatiana laurence

From Mrs tatiana laurence - email spam message. This message appears sent from - mrstatiana0011@yahoo.co.jp.

From Mrs tatiana laurence
Lot 104, Jacques Avenue 2,
01 B.P. 3691 Cocody Abidjan 01,
Abidjan - Cote D'Ivoire.( Ivory Coast )

Dearest One
please pardon me for coming into your privacy, please I want to ask for your kind and sincere assistance, though I have not met you before but I believe one have to trust and confide in someone in order to succeed in life. I am Mrs tatiana laurence Wife of Late Mr phili daper lanrence. My husband was a retired Finance Director in the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing after my husband retirement both of us went into Private business also do building contract works and God was blessings the works of our hands. During this recent political Crisis in our country Ivory Coast, On the 25 of March by 4.30 AM our time, my husband was shot dead by unknown gunmen who burst into our residential house before my husband's death in a Private hospital were I rushed him, he told me that he made a deposit of Three Million United States Dollars. Due to the continuous crisis in our country, Secret killing of family members of those protesting against the ruling Government, I am afraid and have decided to move out of the country with our only daughter. I want you to help me, I want to transfer this money to you, after the transfer then I will join you immediately for us to invest the money together in any of this either I) Estate Business (2) Building of International School (3) building Shopping malls for rent or any other good business you know very well . If you are ready to assist me please reply me through my email for me to give you other details. I am waiting for immediate response. Yours Sincerely,

Mrs tatiana laurence

Please I PLEAD TO YOU IN THE NAME OF GOD, I need your sincere assistance, after the transfer I will join you; from my heart I am ready to give you good amount of 20 percent out of the total money as an appreciation for your kind and sincere assistance.


At 1:33 AM, Blogger momamedienta said...

I just got this exact same email today but from tatianalaurence01@zipmail.com.br . For supposedly having such bad cancer that she had just weeks to live she's sure moving right along! I'm sure with all the emails offering that $2mil each person might get a buck (if that!) if you split it up


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