Monday, June 18, 2012

Francis Owino Rew

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Attn: Sir,

My name is Francis Owino Rew from Kenya but live and work in Tripoli Libya.I am writing you because of the condition that I am in right now and I really need your assistance.Well I was a branch manager of Libyan Arab Foreign Bank (LAFB) in Tripoli.Before the fight broke out in Libya our deceased president Muammar Gaddafi deposited the sum of 120 million United States dollars in our bank but two weeks after the fight broke out he transferred 80 million dollars to a bank in Turkey and six weeks later he gave me instruction to move the remaining money to Ghana through a diplomat and honestly the forty million dollars was moved to a security company in Ghana and the money is still with the security company and deposited in my own name.

Five weeks before his death,He loyalist to attack me because he wanted me to help him to move 23 million United State dollars to Pakistan through the diplomat again but I refused because the rebels that were fighting Gaddafi warned me to stay away from him which I did. cassie oh my lord how sweet to eat and eat and eat finishing with an internal eruption. With that Gaddafi tried to kill me and my family members but they came and could not find me but they ended up in burning down my properties, also raped my house keeper and killed my security man but i managed to escape with my wife and my son to Ghana where we are residing in a local hotel called faco hotel with a different identity.

Please dear I want you to help me so that we can recover the money from the security company in Ghana by moving it to your country and also help me to get a visa to your country, i will give you 40 percent of the money which is sixteen Million United States dollars and i will take the remaining twenty four million united States dollars.I have all the legal document of this money and everything is my name because that was the instruction Gaddafi gave to me,to be honest with you the security company and the diplomat that moved the consignment to Ghana does not know that the box contained millions of Dollars.

I am earnestly waiting your urgent interest and quick responses.

Francis Owino Rew

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