Friday, June 29, 2012

PETERSDORFF FREDRICK South African mining Company Corporation

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Dear friend,

I hope this message gets to you in good faith, my name is MR PETERSDORFF FREDRICK, and I am a regional director, service operation of a well known bank, here in South Africa, because of security reason my bank will not be disclosed.

It came to my notice, that on the last audit we had in December 17, 2011, there was a deposit of $13, 500,000.00 which belong to one Mr. Zhang Wei Lee, of 3480 Shenzhen drive, Hong Kong China. And was also a contractor with South African mining Company Corporation, before his death, this was the contractor’s registration number: SAF/MM/C1833/2005-GP, allocated to his company Banqingshe gold mine, in Sichuan china.

And on my findings and investigation; I found out that Mr. Zhang Wei Lee is late, also every attempt to locate any of their close relations in the above address prove abortive. And Presently, I need an honest person, whom I can trust, transfer the money in his favor. To enable us establish with it in your country and share the profit money, before my bank confiscate it into their reserve account.

Please should you be of good interest, and favored, please kindly contact me as it is risk free from any financial agent, or transfer monitored. All you need is to open an account with my bank, which I will guild you through and your non appearance will not be noticed, then I will pay in the money into your account and you move it direct to your country account. Instead of transferring, and transferring cost charges, I will give you full details and 40% of the total money.

Thank you


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