Friday, July 20, 2012

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Dear Belove One,

I am Mrs sarah david From Republic of Kuwait But i married to late Mr.David Ryan in cote d’Ivoire West Africa after our marriage for quite 11 years we couldnt produce any child.and my late husband was an international business man, may his soul rest in peace. Before his death two years ago

i have been suffering from cancer of breast,which have took me so much money and nothing was done to cure it after all the treatment i have been taking,to my greatest surprise some days ago my doctor told me that i may not live more than two months as the result of the sickness. We deposit the amount of  $4.5million US dollars in one of the International Security Company here in cote d’Ivoire West Africa for our business before my late husband died,

and now i decide to use it for the help of the less privilegdes like poor widows,ophans,disables and build result of my short stay on earth,since we couldnt produce any child to enherit the money as next of king and our properties.Now i was touched in spirit to donate the money to you for the good work of God.

Am looking forward to your prompt reply.

Mrs Sarah David.

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