Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mohammed Abacha Nigeria Gen Sanni

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Hello Dear,

I am Mohammed Abacha, the son of former head of state Nigeria Gen Sanni Abacha, I want you to please help me and invest the sum of ($1.5 Billion USD) which my father deposited in a security firm in Oversea before he died. Note, the funds where deposited as security bonds worth ($1.5 Billion USD)

I will send to you all the necessary documents that will mandate you to claim the security deposit bonds, as the sole beneficiary of the security deposit bonds. Please if you are willing to assist me, kindly email me back so that we will proceed immediately. After all is been done, you will take 40% out from the total sum while 10% is been set aside for any expense.

I believe you must have heard about my father’s death and this will not come to you as a surprise but please try and understand exactly what I am talking here. I look forward for your kind update. Please email me your willing to proceed. For security reasons call me +234-7039327858

Healthy regards,

Mohammed Abacha.
For the Family.
Telephone: +2347039327858

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