Sunday, July 08, 2012

Tony Wright Urgent Respond Needed

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Good day to you and i guess you are absolutely fine today i am Diplomat Tony Wright , i am currently in Dublin Ireland I have a consignment box containing
$25 million United Dollars i was suppose to deliver these consignment to one Mr.
Khan Sherman in Toronto Canada, he was the foreign beneficiary to the said consignment .He made all arrangements for the delivery of the consignment to Toronto,unfortunately he had a car crash and died,just before i arrived in Canada with the shipment .

I had to bring back the shipment to Dublin and is currently at the airport storage department I want to present you as the new foreign beneficiary ,so we can do the change of ownership of the documentations under your name legally and make the delivery to your door step. I can assure you am ready to share with you 50/50 percent of the total amount if you are ready to work with me.This is a matter of urgency. if you wish to proceed with these transaction with me I need you to send to me your full names and contact address along with a copy of any of your identifications your International passport or Driver's license which you have to scan and attached to me .To enable my lawyer proceed with the change of ownership to your name as the new foreign beneficiary to the funds. I wait to hear from you.

Tony Wright

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