Monday, October 08, 2012

A Time to Go by John Filsinger

Writings of John Filsinger 1993

A Time to Go

While drifting down the widened tide

One Susquehanna spring,

We witnessed an exceptional

Display of venturing.

A Lilliputian chipmunk

Had launched into the stream

To try to swim that massive flood

As though to chase a dream—

To know firsthand what might be there

Across that far expanse

That he had not experienced

In former circumstance.

He seemed so insignificant

In face of that great sea

But strove, unflinching, straight ahead

With strict persistency.

What prompted such capriciousness?

To leave familiar place,

And set his sights so far away

At such frenetic pace?

Our craft succumbed to downward wash,

With him still struggling,

And we shall never know for sure

If he survived that spring.

But we shall not forget that gleam

Quite settled in his eyes

That focused on that distant shore

With will to go and try.     A RARE autographed edition of one of John's best book works JOHN  FILSINGER In Quest of Truth and Beauty     Not affiliated with

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