Sunday, January 20, 2013

320 net acres Marcellus Shale gas rights

Clearfield County PA Huston township near S.B Elliot park

320 net Marcellus shale gas rights lease Marcellus rights

Don't forget the Utica shale also holds extreme reserves of natural gas.

The sellers of these rights will NOT accept any low ball offers. Just the Clearfield County Marcellus natural gas rights alone have great value and will not be given away.

The rights to this interest are also being sold. Sale price is somewhere in the neighborhood of  $16,000 per acre. You can go here Marcellus Mineral For Sale  to check it out. As this site does not sell the products we link to we cannot answer any questions.

The 2 links provided to either lease or purchase over 300 acres Marcellus gas oil mineral rights in Clearfield couty PA are provided for your convenience.

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