Friday, January 18, 2013

Facebook Rewards program

Facebook Rewards program - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Return or reply - Facebook team wishes to inform you, and congratulate you for emerging as our 2012 Facebook Rewards winner. The Facebook Rewards program is done every two years. You have been selected randomly by the Facebook internet draw administrator. The draw administrator is an automated program, which selects Facebook users randomly. You have been approved to claim a total cash prize of $500,000 (five hundred thousand dollars) See below for your winning details: Winning amount: $500,000 USD (five hundrend thousand dollars) Batch number: TFB 66-32931-7635197437-FAB/2012 Ref number: TFB 5950-1870-209289/ES 877 You are required to confirm your identity for verification: Your Name: your Sex: your Mobile Number: Your Country: Your Age: years of use: Kindly complete the above form and send it to the program director with the below details Email: Name: zyang claffwood Department: Cash Release Department. Position: DIRECTOR, Facebook Rewards program. For your security, you are strongly advised to keep your winning information confidential, until you have received the winning money. Do not disclose you winning information to a third party. This is a measure of security for you, and to avoid unwarranted abuse of Facebook program. Once again, we say congratulations from all members of staff of the Facebook Team. Thank you for using Facebook. Regards, John Edward, Program Coordinator, Facebook Rewards Program,

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