Monday, February 25, 2013

All Star Mining Co Rose Slanger

All Star Mining Co Rose Slanger - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Oya Ex []. Hi My name is Rose Slanger and I am 30 years of age and I am a mixed race. My late father is an Australian and my Mum is also a Ghanaian I attend both my senior high school in the United States of America when Dad was working as an Australian Ambassador to Ghana. My late father during his carrier met my Mum in a (WHO)World Health Organization programmed which was held in Ghana and helped my late father secure a concession or a 40arce of land where gold is mined. My late father who was very busy with his appointment couldn't manage the concession and so it was given to some local men in the country to help manage the mines properly, but little did he know that they were all corrupt and had no interest in the source of their income but rather cheerish only their getting and that's how come they stole the money the mines produce and also managed the mines poorly till all the mining equipments were broken down till now that work is no longer in progress on the mines. My main aim of writing to you is that, after my late father passed away through deadly sickness which resulted all the money we had in his medication, we later relocated with mum to Ghana and now i am the one in charge of the mines but sad enough there is no work in progress on the mines and i am writting to you because we would want you to be a partner or investor to our mining company named All Star Mining Co. is one of the richest local gold mining concessions in Ghana tested and proved by a report from the Geological Survey Department, and has made many people rich, so that the dreams of this mines can rise again and also to enrich our life's. What we need mostly are mining equipments to start work on the mines and we are not financially capable to finance for the equipment but we have in stock our last stock which is 55kg of alluvial gold dust, but cannot be sale to local buyers because of expired license which is needed to trade gold locally, but with your foreign aid or assistance we can sale the gold to foreign buyers but transporting the commodity to you so that it can be sale out to foreign buyers and then you can help us purchase mining equipments to start work on the mines and also you are welcome to be a partner in our company if you want. Your aid will not be in vain and we can discuss about percentages for the sales of the gold if you reply this letter so that we can proceed for almost 80% of the minerals in the mines hasn't yet been mined and because of this reason the mines attracts lots of intruders since we have not been able to pay security to guide the mines for a while now so they all left. Your response is needed in this matter and i can assure you that you are not going to regret being part of All Star Mining Co. or helping us in every way you can. Thank you, And i also want this to remain between us since my officials know nothing about it and so you can write to my private email address, God bless you. Rose.

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