Friday, February 08, 2013

Paul Williams Pauline Allen

Paul Williams Pauline Allen - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Paul Williams. []. Return or reply - Pauline Allen []. Sir, This is the second time l am contacting you with regards to the undermentioned. I am Mr. Paul Williams or, I am at the accounts department of one of the biggest -bank. I am interested in having you as my investment partner for an investment project l intend embarking on in your country. I have secured the entire funds needed for the investment, you do not have to worry about funding. Since l will be coming to your country as a foreign investor, l will need your advice and cooperation. I am Pauline Allen or, 18 years old; I was raise up by a single mother who was a missionary before she died few months ago. My mother was a rich woman,she was also running a farm carp before she died. I am passing through a lot of financial problem due to departure of my mother. She willed all her property and money to me but she told the bank management that before the money will be released to me that I must get to the age of marriage or I will present my husband or a guardian been a (woman /man) to the bank, before they can release the money worth $5.7 Million Dollars. I saw your data on the net and I was ministered in my heart to contact that you are the right person to help me out with this. All I want from you is to stand as my guardian and get the money transferred into your account and then I will come over and start up a good business and complete my education. Thank you for helping me out. Pauline Please acknowledge your receipt of this correspondence so that l can send you full details of my investment project. I await your response in earliest. My regards, Mr. Paul Williams.

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