Monday, March 11, 2013

FISHING FLY PACKS $120.00 Pepaka Agencies - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Pepaka Agencies []. Hi, We manufacture high quality fishing flies and our prices are from US$ 3.50 per dozen. Please see our flies at We also do Custom Flies for our customers. We accept all major cards. Free shipping if you order 3 Fly Packs and Above. THE FOLLOWING FLY PACKS ARE AVAILABLE Dry Fly Pack: 5 dozen each Total 30 dozen $100 Pale Evening Dun Adam's March Brown Black Gnat Blue Winged Olive Royal Coachman Streamer Pack Pack: 6 dozen each total 36 dozen $140.00 Muddler Minnow Red Matuka Yellow Matuka Black Ghost Gray Ghost White Marabou Muddler Dry Fly Pack Pack: 6 dozen each Total 36 dozen $120.00 Elk hair caddis - Tan Elk hair caddis - Black Blue Quill Greenwell Glory Irresistible Dark Cahill Nymphs Pack Pack: 6 dozen each total 36 dozen $110.00 Prince nymph B.H Prince Nymph Zug bug Montana Red Gold Ribbed Hares Ear. G.H. Pheasant tail Woolly Bugger Pack Pack: 6 dozen each total 36 dozen $128.00 White, Yellow Black Olive Brown Purple Bead Head Pack Pack: 6 dozen each total 36 dozen $120.00 Pheasant tail BH Prince Nymphs BH Zug Bug BH San Juan Worm Red BH Gold Ribbed Hare Ear BH WoollyBugger Black BH If you need references before you make payments you may contact the following people: Paul PAP PA USA Edwin Taylor Canada Daryl Canada Antonio Gamboa Chile

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