Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Freight Forwarder You Need From China

A Freight Forwarder You Need From China - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Cobain/CJ-Express [yhrm@wepc.com]; on behalf of; Cobain/CJ-Express [cjexpress@163.com]. Return or reply - yhrm@wepc.com. Dear Sir Great day for you . This is Cobain from ANDLINK FREIGHT CO.,LTD,We mainly provide service on air ,ocean ,carrier express.The following inf.for your refer,if you are interesting pls feel free to contact us. BY CARRIER EXPRESS: DOOR TO DOOR From Shenzhen or Hongkong,CJ-Express to Every country of the world By DHL /FEDEX/UPS/EMS ASIA EUROP. USA AUSTRALIA MIDDLE EAST SOUTH AFRICA 21-50kg $ 5.5/KG $ 7.0/KG $ 6.5/KG $ 7.5/KG $ 8.8/KG $ 9.8/KG 51-100kg $ 5.1/KG $ 6.8/KG $ 6.0/KG $ 6.8/KG $ 8.0/KG $ 9.3/KG 101-300kg $ 4.3/KG $ 6.1/KG $ 5.5/KG $ 6.0/KG $ 7.6/KG $ 9.0/KG LEAD TIME 1-2Days 3-4Days 2-3Days 3-4Days 4-5Days 4-6Days IF YOU NEED MORE INF.ABOUT OUR DISCOUNT PLS CONTACT US AND ADVISE BELOW: 1.Shipping date 2.Supplier address 3.Product 4.Weight 5.volume 6.Destination address 7.Zip Code PICK UP CHARGE: YOUR SUPPLIER TO SHENZHEN CJEXPRESS WAREHOUSE: $ 0.3/KG MIN. $ 5/BL, EXAMPLE: 25KG From shenzhen To France: Pick Up Fee : 0.3*25= USD 7.5 Express Fee: 7.0*25= USD 175 Total: USD 182.5 Kurt Cobain BY OCEAN FREIGHT: EXW DOOR TO PORT From Shenzhen to Every Country Port Asia Port(Total:O/F+DOC+Pick Up Fee) DESTINATION COUNTRY O/F T/T BUSAN KOREA $ 15/CBM 4 Days HO CHI MINH VIETNAM $ 38/CBM 4 Days SINGAPORE SINGAPORE $ 5/CBM 4 Days MANILA Philippine $ 15/CBM 3 Days BANGKOK Thailand $ 25/CBM 5 Days TOKYO JAPAN $ 5/CBM 4 Days Australia Port(Total:O/F+DOC+Pick Up Fee) DESTINATION COUNTRY O/F T/T SYDNEY AUSTRALIA $ 5/CBM 11 Days BRISBANE AUSTRALIA $ 5/CBM 12 Days Europe Port(Total:O/F+DOC+Pick Up Fee+ENS) DESTINATION COUNTRY O/F T/T Hamburg Germany $ 15/CBM 23 Days Southampton U.K $ 10/CBM 21 Days Fos/Marseilles France $ 10/CBM 23 Days ROTTERDAM Netherlands $ 10/CBM 23 Days BARCELONA SPIAN $ 10/CBM 23 Days USA Port(Total:O/F+DOC+Pick Up Fee+AMS+DDC+ISF) DESTINATION COUNTRY O/F T/T LOS ANGELES USA $ 70/CBM 14 Days NEW YORK USA $ 80/CBM 24 Days South Africa(Total:O/F+DOC+Pick Up Fee) DESTINATION COUNTRY O/F T/T DURBAN South Africa $ 20/CBM 17 Days FOR EXAMPLE: 2CBM CARGOS FROM SHENZHEN PORT TO: BANGKOK TOTAL: $ 100 +Pick Up Fee SYDNEY TOTAL: $ 60 +Pick Up Fee Southampton TOTAL: $ 95 +Pick Up Fee LOS ANGELES TOTAL: $ 312 +Pick Up Fee DURBAN TOTAL: $ 90 +Pick Up Fee Remark: 1.Freight can be collected ,collected handling charge is USD50/BL 2.Apparel products are subject to re-export fee:USD 25/BL 3.DOC: USD50/BL, ENS: USD 25/BL, AMS: USD 25/BL,DDC: USD 31/CBM, ISF: USD 35/BL For more details and price pls email us ,we will reply you asap. B.regards Cobain Kurt Andlink Freight Co.,ltd Customer service:400-068-0788 Cell:+86-013823124001 E-mail: cobain@cj-express.com

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