Friday, June 14, 2013

Sheryl Guinoban eCommerce Developers

Sheryl Guinoban eCommerce Developers - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Return or reply - SUBJECT: Your customers will not resist a $5 Offer! I’ll make this very brief, We are an experienced team of eCommerce Developers based in Los Angeles, Ca. We custom programmed a variety of e-tools to increase your orders by increasing traffic and improving order conversions. Our $5 Store Credit Module has the ability to issue your customers $5 store credit just for visiting the site and registering. They receive a temporary store credit for 24 hours to attract and impulse them to stay and shop. You can set minimum order requirements with this module. This has increased same day order conversions by 40%! Remember, you also now have their email address as they have registered to your site. If they registered, they are extremely motivated in what you have to offer. They will stay on your site longer than usual to spend this free $5 offer. We provide the graphics and programming installations to interact with your visitors. This IS MORE EFFECTIVE THAN COUPON CODES! This temporary Store Credit has PROVEN to drive Impulsive buying by 40-60% versus no incentives offered to first time visitors to your site. This module can be fully installed and compatible with your cart system in 1 day. It’s effective and very affordable. If you are interested, please reply back with your name, number and best time to reach you, I will have myself or my support manager contact you with a free 5 minute demo. Once you see it in action, you’ll be convinced! You have nothing to lose. Please ask and I shall send you a list of references and their websites that already use this system. Sincerely, Sheryl Guinoban

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