Saturday, November 22, 2014

Joe Paterno NO 409

 NO to the 409.

Sorry folks but Joe was no saint. There are several reasons why the NCAA ruling should stand concerning taking away Joe's (JOEPA) wins.

As head coach Joe was responsible for ALL the actions of his staff. That includes the activities of Jerry Sandusky however disgusting they were. Not only Joe, but several other persons  non inclusive  of  Penn State University staff were well aware of some of these unthinkable acts by Jerry Sandusky.
Penn State football is a multi million dollar franchise with some big players involved.  Of course no one will ever get the truth. How many careers would be ruined?

Would you destroy your life by admitting to either doing or knowing of such a lude act(s)???????

Most likely not, and if the truth could be known, Jopa the saint knew well more than what the public is let to believe.

Reinstating the wins doesn't matter anyway. 409 or no 409 Jopa is no longer alive to see it. When he died his statue was still standing and his wins were still valid. So to him everything was just peachy keen when he passed away. These actions should have been done while Joe was still alive. That way he could watch is dismay as his statue was taken down and his wins revoked. Sorry, Joe your not the God you thought you were.

Does the missing Centre County District Attorney have anything to do with the Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno scandal?  It is kind of intriguing how the DA goes missing and has yet to be found. The PA Governor, State Attorney General at the time, has seemed awful interested in this scandal. Does he have something to hide?

The ruling by the NCAA should stand. NO 409.

Joe Paterno was a human just like the rest of us. I have MYSELF above all to look out for. That's the bottom line.  Would YOU risk losing your job as Penn State Head Coach, being condemned by the public, spending the rest of your life in prison maybe, and who knows what else.?????????

Neither Joe or any other person with knowledge of Jerry's sick acts were going to sacrifice their careers with 20+ years to retirement. Nor did they want to be faced with prison time. And lets not forget about Joe's Precious wins. They could of only been 209.

One can argue that a win is a win but with such a veil of secrecy now shadowing over the Jopa legacy one needs to think long and hard. Was Joe Paterno - JOEPA - who we all thought he was????????



At 2:39 AM, Anonymous josephine morehunt said...

he knew. scumbag might as well done it himself. digusting to think he could stand in front of millions and act like he didnt know


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