Saturday, October 08, 2016

A big THANK YOU Reed Brothers tool rental Clearfield

2 kids wish to send you a big joyous thank you. What for you might ask??? A recent inquiry into the rental cost of a mini excavator which seemed  just a bit expensive was reason for not renting said machine and doing the job by hand.

Actually it was not wholly the cost of the machine. The final decision was made when the price to deliver said machine was quoted at (lets see how much this guy will pay) $75.00 to go approx. 3.4 miles. Now the individual who was going to rent said machine is not only a construction engineer who is well knowledged, far beyond that of even the rental store owner, knows it does not cost $75 to transport such a small machine a few miles.

So how might 2 kids wish to thank the Reed Brothers for such a great time they had???

Well, with what was perceived by potential customer as being greedy with the $75 fee, customer decided to save the total of approx. $450 rental + fees, do the job the old fashioned way with pick and shovel, and take 2 grandchildren to Virginia Beach for a 3 day vacation. And the kids LOVED it

Now, if I was a rental store I much rather would of had that money in my pocket and not left in a potential customers pocket to spend somewhere else.

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