Saturday, October 08, 2016

Arrowhead Restaurant Closes another victim of CMA rate increases ??????

Who'd a thought the Arrowhead Restaurant a staple in Clearfield, Pa for years has closed. With a declining customer base over the last few years, could the final nail in the coffin be the recently increased nearly $100 per bill sewer charges collected by the Clearfield Municipal Authority (CMA) ??

Never thought that without much in the way of family sustaining jobs, which there could be if the Clearfield County Commissioners did not spend their time chasing these jobs away, that the recent nearly $100 increase collected by CMA could have such a negative impact.

Not only has this recent nearly $100 per bill increase yet to show the full effect, recent increases over the past few years on Clearfield area residents have been financially draining. With the hundreds of dollars per CMA customer now be collected that leaves hundreds of dollars not being spent at the Arrowhead Restaurant and other establishments in the Clearfield area.

And don't even waste your time contacting the CMA - they only collect the money. You will be told to contact either the borough or township who will then direct you to contact the CMA.


At 2:22 AM, Anonymous todd peter said...

Yes this increase is gonna crush me. $400 more a year.


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