Saturday, October 08, 2016

Laurel Eye Clinic bad billing policies costs PROFITS

What an awesome policy to send away customers who do not pay a bill within 3 bill cycles. Lets take a customer who might have been layed off from a well paying job who was making every attempt to fulfill his/her financial obligation for only a few hundred dollars by making monthly payments with severely reduced income, is sent without warning to collections and told by Laurel Eye Clinic they can no longer be a customer.

Not a problem at all, then customers like this can simply go to another provider. It not my problem that not only does Laurel Eye Clinic no longer have this customer, but the spouse, 3 children, other family members, and well as friends and work associates. So over a hundred dollars (which was not disclosed by Laurel Eye that insurance did not cover) Laurel Eye Clinic now has lost tens of thousands of dollars.

Surely overlooked by Laurel Eye Clinic is that not only are you no longer accepting 1 patient, many patients have spouses, children, and family members. Holy Smokes that number 1 quickly becomes 12 With normal eye exams not producing much income big deal. But unbekownst to Laurel Eye 4 of these minimum of 12 lost customers was planning lasik eye surgery within the next few months. With a cost of $2500 - $5000 per person that adds up to about $16,000. Profits up in smoke.

And surely there is more than 1 customer who is making his/her best effort to pay their bill only to be no questions asked send to collections and informed they can no longer be a patient of Laurel Eye.

Now with 2 patients gone - BAM- turns into 24 + lost customers, more profits up in smoke. Apparently it seems best practice to send customers elsewhere. Doesn't seem like it will be too long before Laurel Eye's client base along with profits shrink. Hey maybe at this point someone in billing department may need to be let go because of shrinking profit margin. More times than not there are unforeseen consequences such as this that happen. So when it does HAPPY JOB HUNTING.

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