Thursday, November 03, 2016

Clearfield Borough Lawrence Township Consolidation

Clearfield Borough  Lawrence Township Consolidation

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Vote no to the lies you are being told. This consolidation will not have any positive results for the local peasant. How many times have we been lied to in the past about this proposal will reduce taxes only to have our taxes increased??? How many times????

As peasants of this community we need to stand together and make our voices heard. Consolidation is not the answer to this areas financial problems. How many good paying jobs have our elected officials and other business leaders left go and deter from being created here. Many hundreds if not thousands of good paying jobs. Why? With people like Mr.Walker making decision that are in his best interest and not that of the community. How many people would flee his place of employment with subpar pay for a job with twice the pay and better benefits? The majority most likely, leaving Mr Walker to increase employee pay and benefits. Peeps like him don't want the peasants to have more money. When the peasants start to get more money they become a threat to the peeps who think the world can't make it without them.

 The answer to Clearfield Borough  Lawrence Township Consolidation is to vote NO. You can go to the build our future .com website and read about the lies yourself.

                                                      no no no no no no no no no no


At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Becky sue said...

Just look at northern cambria. their consolidation over 25 years ago did a lot for that town.


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